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Currently booking events in Calgary, Banff,
Canmore and other locations in AB.
Accepting inquiries outside of Alberta.
Calgary Wedding Music, Banff Wedding Music, Alberta Wedding Music

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Phone • 416 894 4568
Email • cdl.musicians@gmail.com

From the Classics

Musician rates starting at $175 for the first hour per musician
Duo rate - $350 for the first hour
Trio rate - $525 for the first hour
Quartet rate - $700 for the first hour
Discounted rates for additional time
* Locations outside of Calgary can vary pricing *

To Something More Romantic

Our artists can perform as soloists, or in ensembles such as
duos, trios, string quartets and more
* We recommend booking a quartet for most standard events *

To Popular Arrangements

  Additional fees for arranging your favorite songs
* Contact us for a quote *


Who We Are

As members of the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra,
our performers hold a diverse background in a variety of musical styles
and hold music degrees from the most prestigious institutions across North America.
Our live music has taken us all over the world, from venues such as
The Banff Centre to Carnegie Hall.

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